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Мобильное и легкое оборудование для подъема и фиксации Моно-, Би- и Трипод

Modular Pod System

Modular Pod System Powerful integrated solution

The RESQTEC Mono-, Bi- and Tripod systems are fully integrated high angle, trenching and elevating systems specially optimized for today’s firefighters,
paramedics and naval rescuers. Supported by the Reddot Design Award winning ProFix Max system, providing maximal load capacity, it is the most powerful
Modular Pod System in the world.

Modular Pod System Powerful integrated solution


The RESQTEC Mono-, Bi- or Tripod system, a much demanded solution for any high angle, trenching or elevating operation. The Pod System is the
finishing touch to any rescue tool set: it complements the fully integrated RESQTEC product range.

Integrating rescue tools means they can be used for many other rescue applications, which rules out the need for different tools for different applications.
The ProFix Max shoring device that is used for the Pod System can be used for other (heavy) rescue or road traffic applications as well. The same
counts for all other RESQTEC tools used in the Pod System.
This creates a considerable advantage of the RESQTEC Pod System: the integrated tools that build up a Mono-, Bi- and Tripod save you money and
lots of precious storage space in your rescue vehicle.


The Pod System houses some unique design features that even further increase
the safety and ease to use the tools.
The Monopod has a built in Safety Brigde: a small safety bar that prevents
the rope from whipping backwards if it should snap.


The RESQTEC Pod System is able to carry heavier loads when long extensions
are applied, because of the high end alloys used in the ProFix Max
shoring device.
The maximum load capacity of the ProFix Max gives the Pod System an
incredible maximum load capacity up to 10 tons. This, together with its
maximum hoisting capacity up to 4,4 tons, provides all the capacity you
need for high angle operations and hoisting heavy objects, victims or
even animals.


Integration, power and safe and easy handling: they all make the RESQTEC
Pod System the best solution of choice for every possible high angle,
trenching and elevating scenario.

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